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Get to Know Us

Kinetic is among the most stable vendors with substantial assets invested in our facilities and routes.

Proud member of Genesis.

Our Vision

Kinetic Communicationís objective is to structure relationships with partners whose services are aligned with the requirements and strategies of specific Mobile Operator partners. Kinetic is establishing direct interconnects with PTTs, national Operators and Mobile Operators to ensure an LCR with CLI, stability and capacity.

Kinetic offers a mature US domestic termination product built on advanced routing features and an extensive footprint ensuring the highest quality and a unique competitive pricing structure. The underlying infrastructure and technology allows advanced management and routing of very high call volumes.

By developing reciprocal relationships with strategic partners, Kinetic looks to form alliances which in turn will allow increased retail traffic, new retail offerings and an expanding customer base and group of services.

In addition to voice services, Kinetic works within a framework of a group of companies providing diverse retail mobile technologies and platforms. These technologies have been developed to provide additional services to mobile subscribers and are part of the portfolio of technologies which Kinetic offers.


  • Domestic and International Voice Termination for Tier 1 Fixed Line and Mobile Carriers
  • IP Connectivity
  • QoS Reporting Portal
  • CLI Certified Routes
  • ISUP Signaling Transparency
  • IP Telephony Products
  • 24x7 Network Operations Support
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